The Regenerative Standard is

a common sense, open, and science-based program to increase trust and usability of the voluntary carbon market to maximize regenerative outcomes - soil health, biodiversity, water, food security, climate resiliency, and community.

Our mission is to provide rigorous, straight-forward protocols for nature-based solutions.

What is the Regenerative Standard?

The Regenerative Standard is created with ecological intelligence under the guidance of Applied Ecological Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit of practitioners, researchers, and leaders in regenerative agriculture, soil science, and climate technology. The Regenerative Standard is an open-access methodology designed to bring results-based grassland regeneration, maintenance, and progress.

The Regenerative Standard understands the needs of key stakeholders in the voluntary carbon market and aims to be a catalyst for the rapid adoption of land practices that maximize regenerative agriculture outcomes that drive greater climate impact through the latest science, transparency, and real, measured results.